Thursday, July 28, 2011

Painting in progress: At the Flower Market

How about this weather! I am ready for the spring (that we did not have)/fall temps of 70's. I have been busy with my summer job, which is parking concerts and melting in this humidity.  I then  took a week to see my baby girl in her new home in North Carolina.

So now it is back to work. I am reading paintings for the Miamisburg Art Show that is due August 6th. The opening is August 13th. I plan on entering Locked Out and the painting I started below.

Although it is hard to tell, I drew the lady looking at flowers on a 11"x14" Kilamangaro paper. I choose this  subject to paint because I liked how the lady's sweat shirt blended with all the flowers.
I put masking fluid in the areas that I wanted to keep clean for either white spaces or flowers. The washes laid in the areas where the flowers will be and a few architectural elements are.

I washed in the basic outline of her shirt, hair,pants, flower pots,door and tent outline.

I haven't forgotten about showing the final post of the oil still life. I am still deciding if it is done. Meanwhile, I need to get thisWC finished.
Stay cool


Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

I like the direction this one is going.

debwardart said...

This is going to be fun. Good luck at M-burg! If I may ask, what does the typed sheet represent?

Gaylynn said...

Thanks Gretchen

Gaylynn said...

Deb, Good Luck to you too in M-burg. Hope to see you there. As for the typed is a list of all my tubes of paint. It is meant to track what colors I use on the painting. Strictly for my own reference. However, after the first wash or two I usually forget to mark it. LOL

RH Carpenter said...

Looking good, Gaylynn! Hey, are you going to be able to participate in the Evergreen Show? I know it's hard for you to drop off/pick up paintings during the day - maybe we could work something out? Will you be at the next GCWS meeting at the Cincinnati Art Museum?

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