Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 9th Annual Miamisbug Juried Art Exhibition

Yesterday was the opening of the 9th Annual Art Exhibit at the Miamisburg Art Gallery in Miamisburg, Ohio. If you have followed me over the years you know I enter this juried show each year because it is my roots. I learned to paint in the Art Guilds classroom.

This year the show had 119 entries from 57 artist and 96 were juried into the show. I was lucky to have both of mine make it in. I was not lucky enough to receive an award. There were 4 categories (Drawing, Oil/Acrylic, Watermedia and Miscellaneous) with 4 winners in each and a Best of Show.

As I walked into the gallery, my first reaction was that it felt sparse. In the past when I walked into the gallery the space felt full and the paintings were numerous or the paintings were huge and took up lots of space. That was not the case this year. Although there were some large pieces, they were not weighty paintings. It was a light an airy feel to the gallery this year.  The last two years colored pencil had taken front and center, but this year there were more pastels. As always the Art Guild was very gracious with their hospitality and hanging of the show.

My entries were:

Locked Out

The Flower Market

I painted The Flower Market for my mother. It is she who is looking at the flowers in the painting and is standing next to the painting at the exhibit.

Drawing Winner

The Barrel Racer
Paul Fox

2nd place went to this stunning pastel painting by Donna Brinkman.
It was my favorite painting in the show.

Oils/Acrylic Winner

Reflections of September
Jim Eberhart

2nd place went to The Oyster Bar by Donna Brinkman. Again, a stunning painting by this artist.


Model #1
Misuk Goltz

Leonard Williams took 2nd for his painting                        Warming Sun done in casein.             

Best of Show

Mad River Pool
Chuck Bergert

I did not take any pictures of the Miscellaneous Catergory which consisted of mixed media painting, mixed media pottery and a wood, glass and iron wall hanging. All very wonderful pieces. I apologize for the poor photography, as you can see, the lighting maked it very hard to take pictures without having my reflection or the lights or other objects/people in the picture.

I enjoy going back each year and seeing family, catching up with mentors past and present (missed you Deb Ward), meeting new artist (Theresa Houston), but mostly know that I am home.



debwardart said...

Thanks for this post - I got to see the entries without the drive up! Glad you got in, sorry no award this year. Hope your hand is healing up and you have a great school year.

RH Carpenter said...

Locked out is one of my favorites or your paintings, sorry it didn't win an award but congrats on getting two in the show :)

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