Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flower Market WIP

I just returned from a week at a cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN. Always fun to get away.

While I was gone, my parents entered two paintings for me at the Miamisburg Art Galleries Annual Exhibit. It opens Saturday August 13, 2011 from 1-5pm. Awards at 3p. If you live in the Dayton, Miamisburg, Middletown, Ohio area come see the exhibit.  I hope to see my paintings hanging when I get there on Saturday. Good Luck to all who entered. 

Flower Market is progressing. I have begun tightening the flowers and giving them definition.  The architectural features also are  coming into play. I began working in the shadow on the pole and tent top. Details have been lightly placed in the background on the left and in the window panes of the door. While waiting on the  flowers to dry, I began shaping the shadows and creases in the ladies sweat shirt and pants, as well as, her hair.

This painting is busy and has been a challenge to create. However, each time I step back to ponder, I figure out the next color or technique to make an area work. This is always exciting.

I confess that this painting is now finished, framed and entered in the exhibit. So if you are at the exhibit you will get the first look.

 On a personal note...on Tuesday I will have my second surgery for carpal tunnel. This time it will be my left wrist. I can paint, but I can not draw after the surgery for about 2 weeks. So tomorrow will be spent getting something  ready for the easel so I won't have any down time.

Also, school begins for me on the Monday August 15th.  Hard to believe summer has gone by so quickly AGAIN.

See you on Saturday :-)


RH Carpenter said...

I hope the surgery goes well and you heal in record time :) School starting, yes, too soon!!! Summer is over? How did that happen? Good luck on the show, too, and the future paintings you'll do while recuperating.

debwardart said...

Good luck with the show, I'll miss it this year. Let us know if you are a winner!

Gaylynn said...

Rhonda, Thank you for your well wishes. Surgery went well. Now for the speedy recovery :-)

Deb, I will miss seeing you at the show. The Flower Market is a painting of my mom. I surprised her with it for an early birthday gift. Of course she doesn't get to keep it until after the Miamisburg & Middletown Shows. LOL I will give you a full report after the show.

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