Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paintings from the Evergreen Show

I went to view the GCWS show at Evergreen Retirement Community. Because I was painting with chalk at Streetscapes I was unavailable to attend the opening. This show is Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society's Fall members show. It was Judged by Bruce Erikson, Asst. Professor, Art Dept., Xavier University. Below are quotes of what Professor Erikson thought of the members paintings that he awarded ribbons to.

Evergreen Retirement Community, what a neat place. There was such a buzz coming from the hallway where the show began. The hallway took you to the entrance for their dinning room. More specifically a dining room that you had to have reservations to! Families coming to visit their loved ones dressed in their Sunday best waiting to be called to lunch by the host and hostess that seated them.

I waded through the families to look at the many paintings hanging in this hallway. My painting Waiting on the Rain was right next to the entrance of the dining room. Sadly, I could not get a good picture of the painting sporting its red ribbon due to the glare from the windows across from the painting.

Glare from the lighting also impeded good photos of other paintings in the show.

"Robinson's sensitivity to color really captures the look, smell and sound of the surf." -Bruce Erikson, Xavier University

First place was awarded to Joan Ammerman's painting titled Walnut Creek Canyon.

"Filled with dramatic space and beautiful handling of texture through light and color, Ammerman's painting is stunning." - Bruce Erikson, Xavier University

Third place went to Sue Grogan's painting Springtime.

"Grogan creates a beautiful composition of  flowers and statuary through painterly mark-making and an abundance of luminous washes." -Bruce Erikson, Xavier University
Hot Pink Flamingo by Rhonda Carpenter was awarded and Honorable Mention.

"The saturation of Carpenter's flamingo is extremely eye-catching." - Bruce Erikson, Xavier University

 Honorable Mention went to Lake Como by Ritzie Junker

"I really enjoyed both of Junker's pieces, but felt the mood captured in the vertical landscape was terrific." - Bruce Erikson, Xavier University

And Yuriko Kudo recieved the last Honorable Mention for Woman at Shaker Village.

"The strength of drawing and difficulty of subject matter of Kudo was also quite strong." - Bruce Erikson, Xavier University
I really liked Race Talk by Sandy Maudlin. I felt it was a well executed collage style painting.

Deb Ward's Red Roses on Grandma's Quilt was stunning. I feel this painting speaks volumes of Deb's love for her grandmother's keepsakes.

There were lots of other fabulous paintings by the members of GCWS. You can view the show noon to 4pm daily until October 31st.



Carrie'sCreations said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed seeing all of the other paintings also, made me feel like I got to see the show:)

Gaylynn said...

Thank you so much Carrie. I am glad that you enjoyed viewing the show through my eyes.

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