Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year! 2011 in Review

Onions     Watercolor     Donated to Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser

 It is that time of year when I take stock of my 2011 accomplishments and work on goals for 2012.

In 2011:
I completed five paintings with one still on my easel.
I taught a private watercolor class. So FUN!

Troublesome Pebble     Watercolor

I posted 42 times to this blog. These posts also go to my FB page and I have over 580 "friends" that I share tweets with on Twitter. This is my way of getting out there and meet other artists for support and ideas.
I began listening to Dreama Tolle Perry and Leslie Saeta on Artist's Helping Artists on Blog Talk Radio. These ladies give great tips and have very helpful guests on their weekly show.
I updated my resume'.
I renewed my membership to Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society. Here I learn from the wonderful speakers the club brings in each month.

Locked Out     Watercolor     SOLD
I entered 5 paintings into 4 juried shows. They made it into 3 shows; Miamisburg Art Guilds Annual Exhibit, GCWS Fall Members Show at Evergreen and the 43rd Annual Viewpoint at The Wessel Gallery, Cincinnati Art Club.
I received a 2nd place ribbon for my painting Waiting on the Rain  (see Gallery above) at the Evergreen Show.
I traveled to Nashville, TN to the Frist Museum and the Country Music Hall of Fame. I went to several exhibits at the Taft Museum. 
I attended Summerfair at Coney Island Park. This is a National Outdoor Art Show. It brings in many artists from all over the USA. This show begins my summer each year and is my favorite event at Coney.

I have to state that if it was not for my art community, I would not have made some of these accomplishments. I am grateful for All the help I received from Rhonda Carpenter and her husband. The mentoring I get from Rhonda, Deb Ward and the many blogs that I read and comment on.

Flower Market     Watercolor    SOLD

Now for my 2012 goals. This is very much what I wrote last year. I only reached 4 out the 25 so I am going to try again.

I want to stay organized. I can do this by:
Keep books up to date.
Keep files of my paintings up to date.
Keep my studio less cluttered.
Keep my portfolio/bio/artist statement/scrapbook up to date.

I want to become a better painter. I can do this by:
Improving my studio habits.
Painting 9 or more paintings for the year.
Keep teaching
Picking an artist to study their techniques/style.
Seeing exhibits at museums, galleries, art events, and art fairs. (4 or more local/far away)
Keep donating my art to the Boys and Girls Clubs Annual Fund-raiser.
Take a workshop/class.

Mugs with Oranges     Oil
I want to step up my game. I can do this by:           
Enter 4 or more juried exhibitions.
Take better quality photos of my work.
Participate in 2 group shows.
Obtain commissions.
Make 3 or more sales.
Meet more artists in my area.
Renew my membership to those I belong.
Join another are organization and become involved.

I want to work on my marketing skills. I can do this by:
Ordering new business cards and postcards.
Work on mailing list and strive for 200+ names.
Research the costs of prints/cards of my artwork.
Blogging once a week.
Creating a website.

Now to print this out and hang it in the studio!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

 Wishing everyone a joyous weekend. May it be filled with lots of family, friends and memories.

Safe travels
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