Thursday, June 14, 2012

WIP Ladies at Tea

Gaylynn M. Robinson     Ladies At Tea     Watercolor
The "Ladies" are coming along. I have been focusing on the lady in blue. After I took the picture (saw how the painting looked) I feel I went too dark too soon in her shadow on the neck. I am finding it hard to keep gray/white hair just that gray/white. I am liking the reflections on the table so far.

I took a quick trip with my parents. We went to see Passion of Christ Gardens in St. John, Indiana. The garden was beautiful. 

The communities catholic church next to the gardens was just as spectacular. The outside looked like a basilica. Inside was modern and beautiful.

From there we went to Elkhart, Indiana. Here in Amish country we saw flower gardens that were made to look like quilts. Very beautiful.

Three weeks to our third wedding in 18 months.....all three daughters will be wed. I think I could be a consultant now hahaha.

Happy painting,

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RH Carpenter said...

I've never stopped in Elkhart, IN but might have to the next time I'm that way - and this painting is coming along really well. Don't worry about the dark yet - you need much more before you think it's too dark :) Love that reflection, too.

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