Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Still plugging along: Ladies At Tea

Gaylynn M. Robinson     Ladies At Tea     Watercolor

Still plugging along with my Ladies At Tea. I have been working on the lady on the right very slowly.
Slowly due to the many activities that I have had outside of the studio.
Pre-wedding activities all of June along with my mini trip with my parents.
I came down with cellulitis on my left leg (calf).  A shot, two antibiotics and warm compresses
four times a day had me off my feet for a week.
My oldest daughter was wed on July 7th.
Then we went on vacation.
Here we are with summer almost gone. Which was pointed out when my letter
came to say when we are to return to school ...August 15th.

 Today, I finally was able to work on my gals.
I am not liking the background. Too blocky (is this a word?) I will have to think on how to correct this.
As for the blue lady...I think I went too dark to fast on her skin tones.
I will have to make myself do small areas with very light washes to get her where she needs to be.
I seem to be fixed on her and not working on  the pink lady and other areas which make the progress slower.
Something else I will have to correct.

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