Monday, August 5, 2013

Morris & Whiteside Gallery, Hilton Head

I just returned from a much needed and wonderful vacation. We (as in my hubby and me) lucked into a sweet condo on the marina of Shelter Cove, Hilton Head, South Carolina. I enjoyed watching the boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddle board traffic daily. It was interesting watching the tide ebb and flow and how it affected the marshes in Broad Creek.

Morris & Whiteside Gallery Hilton Head, SC

One of the places I wanted to go to in HH was to see Karin Jurrick's paintings at Morris &Whiteside Gallery. I follow Karin Jurrick on her blog so I knew that this gallery carried her oil paintings. I enjoy reading her blog and wanted to see her fabulous paintings in person.

Karin Jurrick/Behind the News/oil/8X10 inches

Before coming to HH, I looked up the address for the Morris & Whiteside Gallery. When we went looking for the gallery, we were surprised that this prominent gallery was in a secluded spot off the beaten path. Once inside, I found that the owners were very friendly and proud of their stable of artists.

The gallery was in the process of collecting works from artists from all over the country for a charity auction. The charity auction is October 5, 2013 at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina in Shelter Cove, HH. The auction will offer significant paintings, sculpture and vintage prints by deceased and contemporary masters of the south. They even showed me a Andrew Wyeth that will be in the auction. :)

I found Karin's group of paintings and I was enthralled with how bright her colors are. They were rich and glowing. I have always enjoyed seeing Karin's work on her blog, but to see her brush strokes in person was amazing. She paints with such precision and confidence in each stroke. Knowing that she puts brush to canvas with out drawing and completes the painting by seeing the shapes, makes each stroke yummy to look at.

Karin likes to paint people and landscapes. Her people are on the beach, looking at paintings in museums, dining or sipping coffee. She is always working on her mugshot series. This series is of people that have been arrested. This exercise has sharpened Karin's portrait skills. Karin's landscapes have been cityscapes of NYC and towns of places that she has given workshops. Presently she is doing a series of landscapes of Lincoln Highway. Karin read an article on how the highway, beginning at Lincoln Park in San Francisco across the country to NYC, Times Square, was turning 100 years old. So she set out to paint the architecture and landscapes along this route that she has seen.
Stephen Scott Young/Lefty/Dry Brush Watercolor/14 3/8X22

After checking out all of Karin's work, I began to look around the gallery. I was blown away that Karin was in the company of Stephen Scott Young and Dean Mitchell!! These two watercolor artist are (in my opinion) the best of the best. To be able to study Stephen Scott Young's dry brush strokes and try to figure out how he created the texture in his paintings at a close proximity was a pleasure. I then took in Dean Mitchell's style with relish. I love his Wyeth-esq style. Both Young and Mitchell  have a way with texture, light and shadow. Both gentleman reside in Florida and paint their surroundings, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Both touch my heart and peak my curiosity of the areas they explore in their paintings.
Dean Mitchell/One Way Out/Watercolor

Other artist on display were, Joe Bowler, Addison Palmer, Michael B. Kara's, Michael Harrell, Joseph Orr, Jim Palmer, Joesph Lorusso, Dan Gerhartz, and Jonathan Green. They have so many more listed on their website. Morris &Whiteside have galleries in Savannah and Arizona.

I thank Morris & Whiteside Gallery for their hospitality and letting me enjoy their collection.


If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”Edward Hopper 

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