Gaylynn M. Robinson


I am a watercolor artist from the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

At the age of 12, I told my mother that I wanted art lessons. She had me in dance. Unlike my sister, I have two left feet and hated performing. So my mother looked around and found classes. I was lucky that I was able to have learned to paint in oils from Gene Woods and Dorthy Rice at the Miamisburg Art Guild in Miamisburg, Ohio. 40+ years later the Guild is still running as a gallery and school in this small Montgomery County town in western Ohio.

I  followed my high school sweetheart to  Eastern Kentucky University where I received a degree in Art Education.  In college I learned to paint with acrylic paints as well as the many techniques needed to teach art.

My sweetheart and I married. I choose to stay home raising our three girls. To help with the family income I ran a day care in our home for 22 years. My art was a second thought for many years as I taxied my daughters to their interests and taking care of all the children that I watched over the years.

When our youngest reached Jr. High I began taking watercolor, drawing, and open studio courses from the Art Academy of Cincinnati Community classes. Kenneth L. Buck taught me watercolor painting and my drawing teacher was Marleene Steele. I credit both with my  rebirth to the art world. I literally felt like I had been recharged. In these art classes I met others that were trying to get back into their art. We supported and cheered each other on.

I branched out and attended monthly a teacher program at the Cincinnati Museum. In this program they taught us lessons to incorporate the art in the museum with Math, Science, English and History through an art lesson. Through this program they offered a watercolor workshop at the Cincinnati Art Museum, from Northern Kentucky Professor, Kevin Muente.
With my Legendary  Group I took a Watercolor portrait class from Mary Helen Wallace, from the Cincinnati Women's Art Club. From Mary Helen I not only learned tips for portraiture, but tips on strength and perserverance. She is a remarkable woman.

Through my blogging I met Deb Ward at a juried art show where my art journey began, Miamisburg Art Guild. I had been following her work and was in awe when my painting was hung beside hers. We talked and have stayed in touch ever since. Deb is a Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society and Cincinnati Art Club member. I have benefited from the knowledge of her works in fluid acrylics and watercolor. 
Each teacher has been influential in my learning process of painting in watercolor.I currently paint with a local group called Legendary Artists in Pierce Township, Clermont County, OH. The group has an annual art exhibition each year in the Legendary Run Community Center.


My art journey has led me through many painting mediums to my present choice of watercolors. I wanted the challenge. After my first class I fell in love with watercolors. Watercolor spoke to my soul. It allowed me to create, and yet, let me walk away from time to time. Watercolors fit my lifestyle.

I am drawn to children/people in profile. I like to capture the essence of feeling in their activities, such as, a child playing in the sand, collecting Easter eggs, sleeping with a loved pet or valued plant that identifies the gardener. I was a child caregiver for 22 years. Watching the children at play has provided me with the muse for my painting.

For me the creative process starts with my camera. I take photos everywhere I go. I am always looking for ideas when I am in the park, on the beach or with family. I am trying to capture a snapshot of that moment that I can reproduce in my watercolor paintings. I look for a photo that speaks to me; I then sketch it out and transfer the drawing to watercolor paper. Now the fun begins! I love how the paint brush feels in my hand, swishing in the water and paints as I create a story on my paper. I get lost in the story - I am absorbed in the process! My finished work (sometimes taking 30 or more hours) is a story of scenes I enjoy.

Best of Show    October 2008        Java Jazz n' Art  Juried Exhibition  
                                                           New Richmond, Ohio
2nd Place          September 2011  Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society 
                                                           Fall Membership Exhibit

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