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Beach/Water Scenes
Gaylynn M. Robinson     Watercolor     10"x12 1/2"  A Day at the Beach     $325.00   Matted/Framed
This family was enjoying the beach at on the shores of Lake Erie. I was able to view this scene while my family were riding rides at Cedar Point. I do not do rides. Therefore, I enjoyed the beach at our hotel and observing my surroundings.

Gaylynn M. Robinson     Watercolor     13"x16"     Sailing Lake Erie     $375.00   Matted/Framed

Juried into the Miamisburg Art Guild Annual Art Show
While walking along the beach front, I saw the many sailboats that were out that day.  I remember the sunshine and serene feeling I had taking pictures of the boats on the lake. I secretly wished I was on one of those boats riding the waves on such a beautiful day.

Gaylynn M. Robinson     Watercolor     9"x12"     Playing in the Sand     $397.00   Matted/Framed

Juried into the Miamisburg Art Guild Annual Art Show
For 22 years I did childcare in my home.  This little boy was one of the children that i cared for.  His grandparents took him to a beach near their home and snapped this shot of him playing in the sand.

The pose spoke to me, so I asked for permission to paint the picture. They were so gracious to allow me to paint this child playing so intently. 

Gaylynn M. Robinson     Watercolor, Gauche     8"x11 1/2"     Waiting on the Rain     $265.00   Matted/Framed

Juried into the Miamisburg Art Guild Annual Art Show and Middletown Art Center Annual Art Exhibition
Juried into GCWS Members Fall Show @ Evergreen 2nd place
Have you ever sat on the beach and observed everything going on around you? You watch the waves breaking, children playing, sunbathers sleeping and seagulls flying around looking for food. Then the weather begins to change as a storm blows in.

That is what I saw on this particular afternoon on Sanibel Island, Florida. This lady, like me, was taking the scenery in when the skies turned gray. I kept an eye on the sky and secretly hoped that it would blow over. Unfortunately, the rain did come ashore, but like most Florida rains, it passed fairly quickly.

Gaylynn M. Robinson     Watercolor     16"x20"     Paddling the Ohio     $450.00   Matted/Framed

Juried into the Miamisburg Art Guild Annual Art Show
The canoeists were participating in an event called Paddlefest. This is the largest canoe/kyak paddling event in the midwest with over 2,000 paddlers making the 8.2 float trip down the Ohio river to Sawyer Point downtown Cincinnati.

Here the canoeists are just getting under way and heading  towards the I-275 bridge and downtown. 

Gaylynn M. Robinson     Watercolor     4"x10"     All Tied Up     $98.00   Matted
In Anaecy, France, near Geneva, Switzerland was this old town that was surrounded by canals.  This particular canal went through a park that lead out to Lake Anaecy. This gorgeous crystal clear lake was at the foot of the Alps mountains.   

Gaylynn M. Robinson     Watercolor     9"x7"    Lone Cypress    $100.00   Matted
Near Pebble Beach at  Malibu, California is this beautiful overlook in the bay. At this overlook is the iconic Lone Cypress. The view was spectacular!


Gaylynn M. Robinson     Watercolors     9"x12"     Crowing About America     $195.00   Matted
Key West is known for their chickens and cats running freely. This rooster sang to us while we ate dinner. 

Gaylynn M. Robinson   Watercolor   12"x16"   Victory Bath   $385.00   Matted

Juried into the Miamisburg Art Guild Annual Art Show
Horse racing at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky. Whether it is the fall or spring meet, it is always a fun afternoon. Here a horse had just finished a race and was enjoying a bath to cool off. Painting the soapy water was an enjoyable exercise. 

Still Lifes

Gaylynn M. Robinson   Watercolor   12"x10"   Rosemary's Orchid  $225.00  Matted/Framed

Juried into the Miamisburg Art Guild Annual Art Show
Juried into GCWS Members Fall Show @ Evergreen
In my watercolor class was a little old lady who always told us about her orchids. One week she brought in her prized orchid for the class to paint. This was my take on her very lovely flower.

Gaylynn M. Robinson   Watercolor   4"x6"   Ahhhh....Morning Caffeine   $98.00   Matted
For those of us that drink tea, this represents how we start our day.














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