Monday, September 14, 2009

WIP - Paddeling on the Ohio

I am at the point that I only have a little tweaking to do this evening, but basically I can call this one done. A year ago today, we lost our power to the "hurricane" that came through the Ohio valley. My household was without electricity for 9 days. That is when I finished "Two Men and a Barge", for the Java, Jazz n' Art show. We were out of school for three of those 9 days. The sunny, mild days on my deck were a blessings enabling me to get that painting done. I hope by finishing on the anniversary of this wind storm will bring me luck. :-) Let me know what you think about the painting. I will be taking it to the framer before the week is out. Gaylynn P.S. For those entering a brick for the 8th Annual Breast Cancer Brick Auction, they are due next week, Sept. 25th. If you have nay questions check the website


debwardart said...

Looks good! Didn't make the brick auction this year - just got snowed under with other things and simply don't have time. I'll try to get up there tho to see them and will look for yours!

Gaylynn said...

I did not make the auction either, but I promised a friend that I would post about it.
I get "stage fright" on entering things like that. I would not make it in an Advertising Office :-) I stress over the process. My friend loves to enter the Brick Auction, The Christmas Card competition (she has won and placed)and the Artworks Small Works Auction that is coming up. I cheer her on like she cheers me on with entering exhibitions.

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