Sunday, August 28, 2011

School started

I have been busy the last two weeks with the beginning of school. The program (18-22 yr.old Special Need Young Adults) was moved to another building and we have been tirelessly unpacking and setting up the classroom. We still have not been able to find all our furniture and boxes.

Last week was our first week for our interns. The new faces has meant that we have to reevaluate how we have done things in the past. Each intern brings a new set of challenges. Our first challenge is to get to know this new town and find volunteer jobs for the interns to learn so they get practical job experience.

I have several shows that I am looking to be able to get my paintings into. The next is Middletown Arts Center Area Art Show September 23-October 2. I will take the paintings that I put in the Miamisburg Art Show. These locations are near each other and the pick up and delivery are within days of each other. I will get it done (hopefully) with the help of my parents. It also makes a good excuse to have dinner.

The next show is with the Cincinnati Watercolor Society September 25-October 30. I am putting Rosemary's Orchid and Waiting on the Rain (both in My Gallery) in this show. Again, I will need help from a friend to get my paintings delivered. The Club only takes paintings during their meeting time. Alas, I will be with my interns so I will not make the meeting.

The last one I am trying to get into is Viewpoint at the Cincinnati Art Club November 4-20. This one you have to make a CD of your entry and mail it in. Logistics is not a problem, but making sure the picture of my painting is the right size, labeled correctly on the picture and on the CD (for me) is a little daunting. I really feel that is why I did not get in last year. This year "I think" I got everything labeled right this time. Anyway, it is in the judges hands now.

Wish me luck,


debwardart said...

Your entry was received - wishing you luck!

RH Carpenter said...

Gaylynn, I won't be at the September meeting so we'll need to make arrangements for you to give me your paintings sometime closer to the drop-off date of September 22. We'll talk via email and make plans :) I need to get both of my entries framed!

D-Ana Fernandez said...

I believe that your water-colors are full of life, color and feelings! Congratulation!!
Have a nice day!

Gaylynn said...

Thank you so much D-Ana for stopping by and your kind words. I look forward to seeing more of your collages and talking to you here and on twitter.

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