Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I am writing to express my gratitude for each of the people who support me and give me joy on this holiday of thanks. I am thankful for my faith in God and my ability to be able to worship him. I am thankful for my husband and girls because they are my life. I am thankful for my parents,siblings and their families. For my parents shaped our character, our values and showed us the faith that I and my siblings cherish and pass on to our families. I am thankful for my in-laws and their families. I respect the strong bond and faith that they each share. I am thankful for my girlfriends. I enjoy their camaraderie, their interests, their humor and all of our adventures. Each one means so much to me. I am thankful for my art community. Their friendship and support inspire and push me to keep painting. I am thankful for my co-workers. Getting up and going to work is so fun because of them. I am thankful for our armed forces and their families. Because of them I have the ability to enjoy my home and community. May God be with them and keep them safe. Not only as we enter the holiday season, but each and every day. I am thankful our great country and all that we stand for. AND I am thankful for everyone who reads my blog. I want you to know how much I appreciate your support. Happy Thanksgiving Gaylynn

Friday, November 20, 2009

SHHH! Artworks

Artworks ( http://ArtWorksCincinnati.org.) is a non-profit organization that has painted 27 murals in downtown Cincinnati since 2007. This past year they have worked with Ronald McDonald house at Children's Hospital. When Ronald McDonald House added an addition, Artworks hired 30 teens and a team of professional artists to make new works of art for the house. They created a glass canopy that showcases bugs, birds, leaves, trees and flowers found in the rainforest. The three hallways of the new wing has unique mosaic hearts. The hearts are made from stained glass, tiles donated by the Rookwood Pottery Co. and other items, such as,Happy Meal toys. This team also created a 11 x 17' mosaic to welcome guests in the new entryway. This mural has smiling children, birds and lager than life sunflowers and stars. The money from this fundraiser goes to these type of projects. The art that was bought will support the hiring of teens to create public works of art for the city. The coming year they want to fill more rooms at the Ronald McDonald House and more murals in neighborhoods that invite them in. I will let you know the final number for this years fundraiser. Hopefully, it meets or beats last years $65,000. My friend, Tina, and I went to the Artworks fundraiser (http://ArtWorksCincinnati.org.) to see our 5x7 paintings along with the other 1474 pieces from 500+ local, national and international artists. After signing in, artists were given a red carnation boutonnière. (Mine is above left and one of Tina's sales is on the right.) Everyone waited outside the ballroom and listened to music. At about fifteen minutes before the doors opened they drew numbers from those that bought a raffle ticket. These lucky winners went in first to see the paintings, clay and fabric art. This also gave them the opportunity to choose the pieces(s) they wanted before the rest of us were let in. Once inside, Tina and I looked around and decided to start at the tables near the door. Not a good choice, because there were so many people thinking the same. We made our way to an outside wall and restarted there. This is where I found my painting "Sweet Chick". We worked our way around the perimeter and crowd to find Tina's four pieces on the opposite wall. When a patron buys a piece they give their $75 voucher to the teen artist manning that table or board. That teen then pulls the piece off and places the voucher strip next to the spot. When the painting is pulled off, it reveals a photo of the painting and the name of the artist. While we were watching a purchase, the patron squealed in delight when she discovered that the artist was once one of her former high school students. Congratulations! to my friends that donated a piece(s) and had some of their works sell. Before we left, 2 of Tina's 4 digital paintings sold, Deb Ward's (http://debwardart.blogspot.com , left) 1 of 2 paintings sold and Dodie (http://www.dodieloewe.com , right) had 1 of her 2 oil paintings sell. If you go to the Artworks website in the next week every artist that participated will be revealed. Also, if you were unable to attend the event, but think you might like a painting or two, go to the website to purchase a painting there. Check it out. It was a fun evening and I am already planning on a piece or two for next November. Gaylynn (sidebar: Deb contacted me and informed me that the pic I took was not of her work, however she did put in 2 paintings and one sold. Somehow we missed each other in the crowd. I truly apologize Deb for the mistake. I will never suggest that you are a Debbie again :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Viewpoint 2009 at the Cincinnati Art Club

This year marks the 41st year of the show ViewPoint which opened on Friday, November 6, 2009 at the Cincinnati Art Club (http://www.cincinnatiartclub.com/). Juror, John Michael Carter, viewed 289 works of art created in a variety of media. There were 153 artists representing 20 states. There were 64 pieces that were hung for the show. You can go to the CAC website to see the list of participants. Here are the top winners and some of my favorites. First Place "The Green Hat" oil " California, Kentucky Second Place (right) "Trusting Chef Roger" oil Linda Hutchinson Kent, Ohio Third Place "Father and Son" (diptych) oil Richard Luschek II Cincinnati, Ohio Eisele Gallery Award (right) "Leaning Toward Abstract" oil Chris-Griffin Wood Indianapolis, Indiana The next two are fabulous artists that I have taken classes from. Mary Helen, watercolor portraits and Ken taught me how to use watercolors. John Crane Watercolor Award "The Dreamers" watercolor Mary Helen Wallace Cincinnati, Ohio Mike Drying on Diving Board acrylic Kenneth Landon Buck Highland Heights, Kentucky These are just a few of the fabulous pieces that I saw. If you live in the area I recommend that you go to the Art Club in Mt. Adams to see this show. The members of the Cincinnati Art Club worked hard to produce a excellent show. Especially, Deb Ward and her committee. Gaylynn

GCWCS November Meeting

Because of Veterans Day I had the day off. I was thrilled when I looked at the calender and saw that I could attend the monthly meeting of the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society. I have not been to a meeting since August when school began. The guest speaker was Judy Anderson (http://artbyanderson.com/). Judy is a Signature Member of the National, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas and Northwest Watercolor Societies. In her artist statement she says, "My expressionistic paintings are playful marriages of reality and myth. I strive to push my visions creatively through strong colors and interesting shapes. Fracturing, pattern/texture and composition are my tools for energizing the work. Matisse proved to me that light-hearted and decorative are valid forms of serious art." Judy's topic today was on color in landscapes. She talked about choosing a palette and that you need the colors to be dominant in either the warm or cool colors. She used the example of the pattern of warm, cool, warm, cool, warm, cool.... plays off each other and helps to make a painting. Judy said to pick a palette that has personality, style and fits your subject matter. For todays demo she choose the colors sap green, cad. med. yellow, ocher, cerulean blue, cad. red, and burnt sienna. Judy stressed how you should do a few value studies along with your sketch. "Planning is everything", said Judy. Judy's tips were to use acetate over the area you are working when you want to try something without messing up your painting. She also suggested that you can get some great information from You Tube (http://www.youtube.com/)by typing in watercolor then tutorials. Another site she recommends is Watercolor Painting (http://watercolorpainting.com/). As always, I learned a lot from this meeting. I look forward to next summer when I will be able to be apart of them again. Gaylynn

Veteran's Day

My local HERO is Sgt. Paul Brondhaver. He served in Iraqi Freedom 5 1/2 years ago. He also was wounded. Like all military he says that he would not change a thing and would go back if he was asked. Paul works with children through the Parks district in Cincinnati and his total motivation is all about the kids. When Paul was in Iraq he soughtt out the children and figured out what their needs were and started a campaign to get the items needed. Then the bottom dropped when he got wounded. I think it dropped more for those of us that support Paul and his family. Not Paul, he has worked through his disabilities and found the positive. Paul is a go getter. He was before Iraq and is to this day. When he got on his feet he went back to work at the Rec Center, he began traveling and speaking for his fellow men in the Armed Services. Anyone who asks him to tell about his ordeal, he is there. Through his speaking engagements he has met other injured soldiers and some influential people. The injured soldiers he stays in contact with. The influential people and companies he works with, for fund raising, for the kids. Paul helps inner city kids go to football, baseball and basketball camps with a lot of hard work and being apart of several organizations that support these events. Which brings me to the event we were invited to. In the village of Montgomery is a organization called The Character and Courage Foundation (http://www.characterandcourage.org). The organization is non-profit and is dedicated to fulfilling dreams of deserving kids. They help build special baseball fields for kids wit physical handicaps; donate equipment and uniforms to Little League teams in need and grant baseball-related WISHES for sick children. This organization is part of the Green Diamond Gallery (http://www.greendiamondgallery.com). The gallery is FULL of baseball memorabilia. It is open during the day to its members at night and for special events. There are signed baseballs, bats, jerseys, books, pennants, pictures and paintings from the beginning of baseball to the present. But, I digress. The owner of this special gallery held a Veterans Day evening. He had Paul invite people that he supports and that has supported him over the past 5 years. We enjoyed the gallery prior to Paul talking about his love of country and his friends in the Armed Services. We were there to honor him and all Veterans, yet he honored the people who support him and his kids and the Veterans that he invited. It was a very special and magical evening for all who attended. I just wanted to share my evening of tribute to all Veterans and hope you keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Gaylynn (sidebar- My Dad, Ret. Navy, was one of the dozen servicemen that Paul honored. This was a surprise and very special for my family that was present.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekly Post

Since I last posted I have been laying low with an upper respiratory infection. I am on the mend and made it back to work today. All I have to say is MucinexDM. I finished and mailed my entry to the Shhh! Secret ARTWORKS fund raiser. I am not allowed to post this piece until after the November 20th event. All the information about the event is on my October 17th post. Tomorrow is election day so do not forget to vote. Until next week, Gaylynn
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